Winter Gardens:

Step by Step Guide to Placemaking


Location: Margate


Winter Gardens: Step by step guide to Place Making is based on the research of two communities that were found prominent in the coastal town of Margate. By applying the purpose of cross-programming to the inactive zones of Winter Gardens, the building behaves as a hub for multiple programmes.


The permanent communities; four of Margate’s main discussion groups, provide an opportunity to gather public and create public realm and interaction. With the transient community, bus passengers arriving into Winter Gardens offers an opportunity to manipulate dwell and waiting time at the bus stop. However, in accordance to Marc Augé’s theory, bus stops could be considered as ‘non-place’. The focus is on the attention of the destination and not the bus stop. They are relied on memory to exist in, despite the contradiction of these spaces being the focus of regeneration to enhance culture and society.


Therefore, challenging the concept of ‘non-place’ versus ‘place’ was heavily explored in this project.

The design was inspired by seaside ride, dodgems, to adapt and capture the humour that exists in fairgrounds. The cross-programming is based on eight micro architecture devices that form their own network within Winter Gardens and contribute to existing networks in Margate to enhance interaction, involvement and regeneration.Within the interiors of Winter Gardens, the intention is for the users to question the transitition from the public and private in terms of the use of materiality, and whether they are in an urban condition set within the interiors. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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