The Activist Interior


Location: London


The Activist Interior intends to establish a controlled connection with interior and architecture for for an artist-in-residence studio and exhibition at the Crescent House, Golden Lane Estate, Goswell Road, London a the general public, allowing the site to integrate and become “a bit of city” (Penoyre, 2012). The project questions, ‘What is Public Space?’, therefore explores usual interior programmes and activities that artists tend to associate within an interior, such as a studio space, and questions what would happen when these programmes are placed outside due to the design of a series of devices. The design of the artist-in-residence gives the possibility to subdivide the differences of interior and architecture when necessary. Objects are fragmented and taken apart to create form and functionality within and outside of the site. This will in effect create appropriate uses and influences in context, which are dependant on the user’s activities.

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