The Barbican Centre Roundabout


Location: London









By observing and recording human activity in multi-arts and conference venue The Barbican Centre, it was evident that a congestion of people after finishing an event would allocate and gather themselves under the circular orange suspended light. The Barbican Centre Roundabout derived from analysing the existing entry and exit routes in accordance to this meeting point. The proposed intervention is situated on the Ground Floor level, therefore this created an opportunity to conceptually think about the way facilities are connected on different levels to this centre point. The mass and congestion of people produced a moment to manipulate the space through a conceptual intervention of glass routes that provided a direct route from one facility to another, whilst still maintaining the central point as a pivot and a hub as a meeting and social space. By creating routes and the concept of a motorway, urbanising the interior, just like a motorway, it would alter and force the way people would walk and hence control the congestion and build up of people under the suspended lighting. 

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