The Interior Object 


Location: Canterbury


In The Interior Object, relationships between light and shade, foreground and background, sharp and soft focus was explored. 

The final piece was an object that fits a specific dimension of 600mm x 600mm x 600mm. The design of The Interior Object incorporated the holding of a personal item; my glasses, a bedside table object; a hair clip and my favourite book; The Amazing Spider-Man.


By overlapping the three items to produce 2D collages, it was interesting to see the lenses from the glasses made the focus of the images distorted. This inspired me to use the concept of ways of seeing, in terms of vision. The manifesto was based on an interactive piece that would allow users to take a pair of glasses and try them on. Each glasses would have different messages, blurred, close up, or further away. The Interior Object was derived from the idea of indistinct vision, by sketching my bedside table with no glasses on and through a series of surface drawings, a geometric form was constructed. By experimenting with the scale and the way we see The Interior Object, it could be a lamp, or even a large tent. Somewhat similar to comic book stories and imagination, the conclusion is down to the viewer to decide on what The Interior Object is.

© 2020 by Samantha Li. All rights reserved.